A LEGACY OF perseverance

Our family has always maintained our pioneering spirit through good times and bad. From AJ Bogle moving west to California in the 1870s in the midst of the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War, to Warren Bogle planting our first Twenty Acres of grapes in the socially turbulent year of 1968, we’ve remained resolute in our pursuit of building a better future.

Rootedto The Land

As kids we watched our parents dedicate all they had to raising us and growing the family business. Dad farmed while Mom did the books at night, with offices in our family home overlooking the vineyards. We learned the power of hard work through their example and they fostered our connection to the land, which continues to grow stronger from harvest to harvest.

SustainableFor The Future

Farming this land has always grounded us. Now with children of our own, we better appreciate the importance of sustainability and preserving the land for future generations, just as our parents and grandparents did for us. We are proud to continue the Bogle commitment to producing high-quality, delicious wines that bring family and friends together.


4th Generation

Warren Vernon Bogle

5th Generation

Chris and Patty Bogle with us kids

6th Generation

Warren W., Jody and Ryan Bogle